Are those old pictures fading? Are your negatives getting scratched? Our lab technicians can restore those images to their former glory! Through a combination of powerful computers and top of the line Epson scanners, your images will be preserved and enhanced for printing at almost any size. Our lab is able to digitize almost any format of image, be it 35mm negatives up to your largest print. Due to the fact that our lab staff puts their best into every project, time and price varies so stop in or call to get an estimate.


100 scans for $100 dollars! This includes negatives, slides and prints.

Film Scanning with processing:

35mm Standard Scan to CD w/ processing - $4 per roll
35mm & 120 High Res Scan to CD w/ processing - $10
APS Scan to CD - $7.50 for 25-exposure, $10.00 for 40-exposure
Scan to flash drive - $3 per roll

Digital Scans (Slides, Individual Negatives, and Prints)

  Standard Resolution                     HD/Web Resolution
fewer than 10 - $2.50ea                        $5.00ea
more than 10   - $2.00ea                        $4.00ea
more than 50  - $1.50ea                         $3.00ea
more than 100 -$1.00ea                         $2.00ea
more than 300 - $0.85ea                       $1.50ea

uncut 35mm film - $5.00

cut 35mm negatives - $1.00 per strip ($3.00 minimum)

whole roll 120 film - $10