Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Tim, the guy that develops my black and white film at the darkroom, has helped me develop my photography leaps and bounds past what I was doing prior. Michael, the owner, always has answers to my odd questions that can't be answered by Google or YouTube. Truly a space that can't be replaced.

Walter P.

This is a great place to go for all your photography equipment! I purchased a flash for my Camera here several years ago and because I hadn't used it, I couldn't get it to work. The owner was so helpful and nice. He got me up and running in a few minutes! I will definitely go here for anything I need in the future.

Donald S.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Can't say enough great things about this place/Mike, the owner. I hope more people keep using and developing film. I have had some horror stories of large companies developing my film. Prices are the same as send outs I used to do, and the quality is guaranteed! You KNOW where it is, who is handling it, and you're supporting local business. Love this place. If you don't mind walking a bit, you can park across from the Art Museum for 20 minutes for free and walk a couple blocks.

Danielle P.

Owner is a nice guy. Processing is done onsite, and a better price than the places that send out your film. Plenty of older lenses and cameras for sale. Film may cost more than online, but you know you won't be getting an expired roll and there's a good variety available.

Kurt J.

I get all my 35mm film developed here. Have been for years. I also had some old film slides from my grandpa's collection converted to digital. A Missoula staple that I hope to use for many years to come.

Brian P.

Grateful this business exists in Missoula. I've had negative and slides scanned and photos developed, and I'm always pleased with the service and results.

Janelle D.